Welcome to Skai Healing Arts

What makes Skai Healing Arts different? Well, it begins with Jena Skai and her passion for holistic care along with her natural intuitive healing gifts. Through a variety of treatments from cultures all over the world, you can experience healing on a deeper level, addressing root causes not just covering up symptoms. With holistic massage,  intuitive bodywork, shamanic energy healing, chakra inspired yoga, and spiritual life coaching we can work together to help create harmony in your life through natural healing practices. Every bodywork appointment includes time for consultations and self-care recommendations. Each session is unique and intuitively guided, truly making it a healing art. Experience the difference and see the results yourself.

Healing Mission

Often times we brush off pain, stress and tension to carry on with our everyday lives. It’s part of being a responsible adult. We keep going. But what if we took care of ourselves? How much more could we accomplish? Better yet, how much better would we feel? This is where our holistic healing mission comes in. By honoring our mind, body & spirit through various natural healing modalities like massage therapy, energy healing & yoga, we can improve our quality life.

With the belief that healing can occur on deeper levels by integrating the mind, body & spirit, each session strives to do just that. If your ready to experience more then just a massage and ready to embrace a lifestyle of wellness, then schedule now and let me help you on your journey towards natural health & wellness.