Spiritual Life Coaching

How many times have you felt like you were meant for more? Like you were missing a piece of the puzzle in your own life? Maybe you feel lost or stuck, unable to find that happy balance to bring peace into your life… Does this sound a little like you? Then it’s time for you to create a life you love through the Spiritual Life Coaching transformation! By working through each chakra, peeling back the physical, emotional and spiritual layers, we will work to unfold the path of your soul purpose. We will open the gateway to awareness by living consciously, with gratitude, by attracting the life you want, achieving your dreams and goals, and awakening to your life’s purpose. Each session will inspire you to live more authentically and connect to yourself on a deeper level. You’ll awaken your intuition and begin transforming your life into exactly what you want, feeling at peace in your mind, body & soul as you continue your life’s journey.

Let your spirit shine

Sacred Soul Coaching is unique to each person, as a way to bring you back to yourself, through spiritual practice, self-care and self-love. Each package includes three 30 minute sessions. It is recommended that you schedule all 3 sessions for the package within a month for best results. What is the difference between a life coach and a spiritual life coach? It’s in the approach and the techniques. A spiritual life coach considers a more holistic approach, incorporating a mind, body and spirit connection while diving into deeper aspects of what is holding you back. Sacred Soul Coaching sessions are available for $90 per month for 3 months, or $20 off if paid in full at $250.

Sacred Soul Oracle Readings

Oracle cards are used as a tool to interpret the energy around a situation. These readings may help you understand blocks that are preventing you from moving forward or issues that need to be worked through, often times highlighting your areas of strength and weakness. Readings are typically about 30 minutes and cover a broad range in topics. Every reading is different, from the layout to the cards being used, everything is intuitively guided. Oracle and tarot readings are included with Spiritual Life Coaching sessions or you may schedule a reading in person or through email.

Divine Connection