Holistic Bodywork

Holistic bodywork bridges together the mind, body & spirit so that natural healing can occur. This includes massage therapy and energy healing practices.

Everything around us is energy and it’s how we are all connected. It is the essence of life. Through energy healing, we clear and release negative energies and infuse a positive flow of energy through the body.  When it is combined with the physical application of massage, we achieve balance and harmony of the mind, body & spirit. Jena Skai offers a variety of healing sessions. If you’re unsure about what session would be the best for you, give her a call or send an email.

Holistic Relaxation Massage

This intuitive Swedish style massage focuses on relaxing the mind and allowing for quiet and stillness in the body. Soothing rhythmic strokes calm the nervous system and deepen the natural healing experience within. If your stress and tension comes from the chaos of the mind, then this relaxing massage session is for you. 60min $65… 90min $90

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

An intuitive massage that blends specific deeper work to the areas that need it, while soothing rhythmic strokes provide overall relaxation. Need extra attention to your stiff neck, sore back, or aching feet? This massage is customized to your needs for the session, providing pain relief with just the right amount of pressure to soothe and tame those achy, tight muscles. For deeper work with cupping or gua sha scraping techniques see The Warrior package below. 60min $75… 90 min $105

Pregnancy Massage

This gentle massage is available throughout all stages of pregnancy with special care given to the growing baby bump. Specific positions are used throughout different trimesters to ensure safety for mom & baby. As your journey continues through your pregnancy your massage needs will change, from stress relief to low back pain and even achy feet. Your session is customized to what you need to help you feel relaxed and find harmony with your changing body. 60min $65

Shamanic Reiki Therapy

This energy healing session promotes spiritual growth by releasing energetic blockages and negative attachments, while infusing the body with positive energy to nourish your spirit. It balances the flow of energy in the aura, chakras and meridians. Shamanic Reiki is a form of energy healing and does not include massage techniques, but rather a laying on of hands or light healing touch. The use of herbs & crystals are common during this session. 60min $65… 90min $90

Chakra Balancing Massage

Feeling tension from built up stress? Out of balance or a bit overwhelmed? Then this perfect blend of energy healing & massage to engage both the energetic and physical layers of the body, while soothing the spirit will provide the relief you need. Crystals and gemstones are used throughout the session to balance the chakras, as the massage creates a deep sense of relaxation and encourages a positive flow of energy throughout the body, releasing tension and promoting peace. 60min $65… 90min $90

Lomi Lomi Massage

Regarded as a form of Hawaiian shamanic healing, this session begins by anointing the body with warm coconut oil, followed by long flowing strokes to move energy throughout the body and relax the nervous system. This deep relaxation promotes healing on many levels as you journey within for spiritual growth while intuitively guided techniques relieve physical ailments. This experience is truly a sacred healing art. 60min $65… 90min $90

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Add-on Treatments

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